Best Fibre composite technician jobs in Australia

A composite technician's duties include creation, repair, and upkeep of composites. Composite materials are made by combining at least two components to form a new material with enhanced properties. 

Having a thorough understanding of the characteristics and interactions of each substance is vital for a technician. As part of their job, they must be skilled with a wide range of tools and machinery.

Work Profile

Carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, and Kevlar are just some of the materials a composite specialist could utilize to construct boats, aircraft, skateboards, and other objects.

This profession occasionally involves making things out of stuff, hence it can be found in manufacturing. A person with technical or manufacturing skills may potentially fix anything, from an aircraft to a skateboard. Composite technicians must be both cognitively and physically healthy, as they are sometimes required to operate heavy machines or move hefty materials.

In addition to "composite technician," you may also hear the term "design engineer," "compound engineer," or "design engineer" used. Composite technicians have a wide range of possible applications, although they often deal with aviation components. Composite aircraft components, which can be constructed of fiberglass and other materials, are typically serviced and repaired using hoover methods and oven operations.

Key Responsibilities Include -

  • Ability to read and understand technical documents such as schematics, blueprints, and instructions
  • Carry out composite material lay-up, bonding, and curing per drawing and plan.
  • Process composites through trimming, drilling, grinding, and sanding
  • Look for flaws and ensure everything is made to spec by inspecting finished goods.
  • Use a variety of instruments, including shears, presses, and hoover bagging devices, as well as power tools.
  • Keep the workplace tidy and risk-free.
  • Always use proper safety measures.
  • Collect information and keep detailed records.
  • Carry out additional responsibilities