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A hairdresser's education is vital since it lays the groundwork for the practical and theoretical abilities they'll need throughout their career. Apprenticeships in the hairstyling industry provide the opportunity to learn the trade while gaining practical experience in a working salon.

Helping out around the salon, chatting with customers, styling their hair, and assisting other stylists are all part of the job. Working in a salon and being exposed to a high level of professional hairdressing on a daily basis will provide you with invaluable hands-on experience.

One of the most typical ways to become a professional hairdresser is to start out as an apprentice at a salon. Apprenticeships in the hairstyling industry are typically full-time and last anywhere from three to five years (depending on the contract you enter into with your employer), during which time the apprentice works towards earning the qualification in Hairdressing, which is required for entry-level positions in the industry.

Apprenticeships in the hairstyling industry are ideal because they allow the apprentice to earn money while gaining practical experience in a salon setting and theoretical knowledge at college, ultimately leading to a valuable level 2 certificate.

Key Responsibilities include:

Help stylists out 

As an apprentice hairdresser, you'll be expected to pitch in with everything from coloring and trimming to styling.  Apprentices often act as assistants, while more experienced or promising apprentices may be entrusted with administering treatments.

Shampooing the clients hair

Before a professional stylist cuts a client's hair, the apprentice will shampoo, rinse, and condition their hair. This is a standard step in getting a customer ready for a hair treatment, along with helping them into a gown and showing them to the shampooing area.

Clients Care

Customer service responsibilities include welcoming clients, helping them store their coats in the cloakroom, and offering them water and other refreshments while they wait.

Organization and cleaning

Apprentices will be responsible for keeping the salon clean and organized so that stylists have a pleasant place to work. This includes tasks such as brushing up stray strands of hair, picking up used coffee cups from the floor, helping to maintain a tidy reception area, etc.

Front Desk Assistance

The trainee will help out at the front desk, even if there is a full-time receptionist on staff. This could include covering for the receptionist while they are out to lunch or on vacation. Receptionists in hair salons typically take appointments, handle payments, and sell merchandise.

Maintaining stock and records

Apprentices often have to do things like sterilize cutting tools, refill bottles, and reload supplies to keep things running smoothly.

Basic hair treatments

Apprentices are initially only allowed to do simple hair treatments, but as their experience grows, they are given more responsibility and autonomy. They will be allowed to work alone on simple hair treatments, but will need to be supervised by an experienced stylist for anything more involved.

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