Entry Level Drillers Offsiders - Surface & Underground jobs in Australia

If you want to break into the mining business, a job as a Driller's Offsider is a great place to start. It's physically demanding work, but the payoff is substantial.

You are essentially the qualified driller's trade assistant. You're the one who puts in all the hard work and muscle. Even though it's the most difficult profession in the mining sector, you'll learn something new every day and advance closer to your goal of being a drilling trainee.

Getting a career as a Drillers Offsider is a good way to start off in the mining business. Off-siders are used in both above-ground and below-ground roles. There are numerous essentials for a green (new to the sector) person to learn. 

When you first enter the league as an off-sider, you will be at the very bottom. You'll be reporting to a driller who is often paid based on performance, so he'll likely push you to levels of exertion you're not used to. You'll be working, dining, and sleeping with your coworkers, so you'll need to get along with them. You need to be in good physical and mental health to show up for work every day.

Key Responsibilities Include - 

  • Assist in moving drilling platforms and equipment from location to location.
  • Connect water and air supply power cables or tubing.
  • Help obtain core samples from drilling.
  • Dig and clean drainage and mud pits.
  • Drilling fluids, chemicals, and grout are mixed and tested.
  • Assist with casing screen slotting, welding, and insertion.
  • Assist in well construction and pumping experiments.
  • Utilize equipment such as air, water, and soil pumps.
  • Utilize equipment and tools to repair problems in drilled cavities caused by mechanical failures or hazardous environmental conditions.
  • Perform minor repairs and maintenance, including lubrication and cleansing.
  • Maintain and clean equipment, drill sites, and campgrounds.